“Often times resellers are just 'sitting your job'. We take an active role in evaluating the community and making the necessary changes. Bring in the right product at the right price—and it will sell.”

Over the last 20 years, as president and owner of Condo/House Mart, Lynn Schalhoub has sold over $90 million in real estate annually. She’s been involved at every level of a project, from walking the undeveloped property to creating concepts to assisting with designs of communities. She is known for her ability to visualize blueprints and ‘tweak’ them to more closely appeal to the target buyer. Lynn takes her fiduciary responsibility to her builder clients seriously, bringing the right product in at the right price so that builders can realize maximum profit potential. Lynn also has a flair for decorating, having spent 10 years managing a decorating showroom at the start of her career then launching and running a successful Décor Showroom for House Mart that continues to service many homebuilders today.

“The beauty of TRIAD is that we have three expert marketers and sales directors with diverse backgrounds – all expert in marketing and selling homes. We constantly challenge each other, and our clients reap the benefit.”

One of the strongest and most effective sales and marketing executives in the industry, Carol Smith-Gephart has a long track record of success. She has built, trained, coached and led sales and marketing teams for local and national homebuilders. She has designed and implemented marketing and sales campaigns that resulted in a 47% increase in prospect-to-sales ratio—despite one of the most challenging real estate markets. She has conceptualized and implemented home buying seminars, and created such innovative events as ‘First Friday’, and the "Design to Sell" seminar series. She conducts thorough competitive market analysis and uses results to direct strategic and operational marketing efforts for best results. Carol is the recipient of local and national recognition awards, including the National Association of Home Builders Awards for excellence in leading and motivating successful sales teams and marketing excellence. She is published in various industry magazines and a featured industry expert speaker at New Jersey and Pennsylvania Builder Association conventions and award ceremonies.

“The key is setting up the right expectations. Buyers are very understanding when they realize that you’re working ‘above and beyond’ to meet their needs. You need to make sure the lines of communication stay open.”

The broker of record for Condo/House Mart Realtors, Debbie Buragina handles the licensing, records and office management. Her specialty is customer service—resolving the issues that could result in problems but that are neatly wrapped up prior to closing. Buyers are no longer coming in the door with simple issues; neither is today’s developer building a simple project. Debbie’s problem-solving expertise, therefore, has been invaluable. The key, she says, is setting up the right expectations. Debbie has worked for both small and mid-size builders, consulting on product and floor plans, setting up and training the sales team, and reporting back to the client. Debbie also has worked on the government side, in redevelopment as a Councilwoman with Matawan Boro, New Jersey for eight years. Earlier in her career, Debbie specialized in and managed customer service for Izod, a division of General Mills.

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